Don’t meet an open door with a closed mind.

Mission: Heardhub is a safe community of learning as you travel through adolescence and experience intersections of identities. Each contributed article aims to create conversations for shared learning based on personal experiences and preferences.

Dear Readers,

My social justice journey started when I was 7 years old. My father and I were at a father daughter dance and he couldn’t swing me between his legs like my best friend’s dad was doing to her. My father has a rare hip disease resulting in limited mobility in his left leg. This is something I didn’t really understand until then. I want to emphasize that it’s not what he can’t do but what he can.

At 14, It was suggested by my ballet teacher that I loose weight. This suggestion followed by a series of events regarding my body and my high school social experience resulted in an eating disorder through college. Now, most days are good. Occasionally, I still have a bad body image day resulting in self loathing and a need to dive into my bed and not get out.

In the summer after high school, I came out of my sexuality closet. We all have closets we come out of. If you don’t know what I mean, watch this. My sister read my diary and outed me to my mother, you can read that here. By the following Easter, I had ‘come out’ to the rest of my family. Since then, I have come out as queer and prefer no pronouns because I don’t believe in the gender binary and I don’t like people telling me who I am.

Today, I am in an interracial relationship with an amazing woman that I love.

These are some of my identities and why the categories of this site are Race & Culture, Gender & Sexuality, People with Disabilities, and Mental Health.

One of my strongest beliefs is in the common denominator; the fact that we are all human. When we put aside our issues, discriminatory actions, and prejudices, we are all human beings. My constant challenge to my peers is to think about what you say in order to be more inclusive to all categorized groups of people. I encourage people to recognize unjust situations and safely insert themselves into an educational conversation. I am not Miss America advocating for world peace. While that would be nice, I am simply advocating for more thoughtful human interaction.

All the best,


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